Is better to give than to receive…in everything you do!

Acts 20:35

How many times have you given something without expecting anything back?
I believe this is a question we all ask ourselves at some point but, how often do we really do it?

I thought about writing a newsletter every three months to tell you about all the things God is doing in me and through me but there’s so much going on that I can’t wait for three months to tell.

Getting a new perspective

2018 started and I feel that everyone have certain expectations of what we want to do with our 365 days, plans, ideas, goals and dreams that we can see them like a stone in a slingshot to be thrown and we wait and see how far they can go. Of course, that was not the case for me. This year, I let God to be the leader of my plans and gave 100% of myself so He could be the one working through me.

At the base, after my obsessive compulsive phase of cleaning and organizing (that of course, a lot of people said it as a joke but I think “there’s a little bit of truth between jokes”), Bruce (base’s director) asked me if I could take over completely of the kitchen and my knowledge in administration and the cooking area were tested (even though for me cereal and milk is more than enough) but anyway, I was more than happy to do it the best I could. I started to look at the recipes we already had and improve them. Also, I looked for more easy making and delicious recipes so all the staff could cook without any inconveniences.

Cooking kim bab with Bruce and Irene

During this time, asking God for wisdom to keep everything under the budget was crucial and at the same time, blessing people that were coming to support us in the ministries. There is a saying in Guatemala “a full belly makes the heart glad” and I can really say that is true because I could see everybody happy because of the meals and the passion and love each staff member put in it when cooking.

New energies

When we focus in something more than ourselves, amazing things happen around us and sometimes we don’t even noticed them. On the third week of this month, Lori y Jaime (directors of the base in Leticia, Colombia) were invited to give us a speak about YWAM Leticia and their experiences being pioneer missionaries in the Amazon, and with each story they shared, that little flame that is in me about missions became bigger and bigger and a burning fire made me see a different perspective about missions and really asking God for my own vision about what He wants me to do… a specific calling! and this was what made my floor to shake.

All the staff at the conference and the tumbergia plant booming

So, with all this new information, I prayed God and asked him to show me if what I was doing in missions was the right way or to clarify the path He wants me to follow and be more proactive. The following week we were about to host a dental team and have a dental outreach and we needed to have everything ready (schedules for each day, menus, rooms, appointments, etc) to start on Monday but then, while I was getting everything in the kitchen at the base ready for this upcoming week (and it was past 8:00 pm), I went to the garden to release a little bit of the stress I was handling and suddenly I saw the ivy I planted this last September and I felt how God was telling me “just as she is blooming, so you will bloom with all the things I have for you…. wait, be patience and see what I have for you! That was more than enough to know I’m in the right path.

Dr Ed and his dental team

The dental outreach started and I poured out all my energies and everything I have to make the people feel special and to show God’s love to them, and then I could see God’s grace trough me and how I was reaching out people just by advising them how important is to have a dental hygiene. The sad part was that a lot of people lost teeth and they didn’t even seem to care… but Aura (she helps with cleaning some of the staff’s houses) when she came to get her teeth checked, she told me “so many people believe that being poor is the same as being dirty but you know, that’s not true. I teach my son and myself to be clean all the time and take care of my body because it’s God’s, not mine”. She was one of the few that didn’t have any cavities by the way.

We saw around 75 people that week, a long and exhausting week, and we (the people working on the dental) couldn’t go to the dump this time, though the rest of the team and the staff did go and took ham and cheese sandwiches with juices and fruit for the children and people that were there. It made me feel sad because even though I do love that ministry, I knew and know now that I helped in a different way to all the people that came looking for help during that week.

Upcoming news

Oasis mobile medical ministry

So far, we have been receiving some training from Peter (Korean missioner and acupuncturist) on how to treat some diseases through hot grain packs and some massages. We started being just 6 but now our team has grown and we keep praying that more people (doctors that will love to give some time in order to have more outreaches are SO welcoming) will be interested in joining our team. Thank you for keep this raising ministry in your prayers.

El Tejar dump

I’m so happy to announce that we, as YWAM Antigua, are planning on going more often to the dump El Tejar. We were able going only whenever our contact (Pastor Lázaro) was planning on going but now that we have made more of a constant presence, we are planning on going there twice a month. If you would like to join our visits, please contact me through email or the base at

A Ministry focused on helping children to develope through arts, education, medical and dental aid and in the spiritual area most of all